Thursday, January 21, 2010

Edition 4 - Lego League

St Ethelreda Lego League Team Wins Trophy!
by Symone J, Senior Editor

As you all know, our school has a science club called Lego League.  We presently have four members: Ebony, Angel, Symone, and Deja.  Lego League is based on Lego Robotics.  Every year we go to a regional competition where the teams compete in the areas of robot mission runs, research, technical skills, and team work.  We also have a research project that we have to create.  The Saint Ethelreda team, Eagle Explosion, has competed for the past three years.

      This year’s problem was about the safe passage of children from their homes to school, and we had to build a robot that would complete all of the missions on the mission table. We had to pick up loops, knock down access markers, go over or under the bridge, and end up in the target spot all without losing the people on the robot.  For our research project, we created a solution called Eagle Eye, a camera that would be placed in outer space to watch youth travel daily from home and school so they would be safe.  The Eagle Eye camera can catch criminals using nanotechnology. These cameras would be placed on every street corner at the stop lights.  They would not be too obvious so criminals would not notice them.

      At the end of this year’s competition we received a research award for our project Eagle Eye. We did not make it to state, but we did very well.

Lego League Team: Angel, Ebony, Deja, Symone

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