Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Edition 2011 #6 - 4th Grade Recycling Project

4th Grade Recycling Project
by Chanel B and Dejah W 

You are now tuning in to EWB news. Hi I'm Dejah W, and hello I'm Chanel B. For today's news we are talking to the 4th graders and Mr.Cooper from St. Ethelreda school on recycling, reducing, and reusing.

The students documented items that they are able to recycle at home. They are trying to get parents to reuse things instead of throwing them out. Mr. Cooper said "If we reuse we will start to reduce the garbage each family produces."

Students are trying to get parents to buy items that come in recyclable packages.  The 4th graders are bringing newspaper to recycle in St.Ethelreda's recycling bin. So, by Earth Day they will have a very successful project. Make sure you keep an eye out for 4th grade on their continuous project on recycling.

More photos for Mr. Cooper's 4th grade class can be seen here:

Here are some comments that 4th graders sent us. Check them out:
  • Janae C: "I learned a lot about recycling and by us recycling we can save the earth."
  • Tre'Linique H: "I learned when you recycle you can reuse it."
  • James J: "I learn more things about recycling, reducing, and reusing that I didn't know before."
  • Mariah L: "I learned that I am able to reuse things."
See you next time on EWB news.

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