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Edition 2011, #17 - Homework

Eagle Way Homework
by The Eagle Way staff

It's standard operating procedure. The students at the Eagle Way decide what stories to cover and how to cover them. Independent work is a big part of working at The Eagle Way.

Last week, however, I asked my Eagle Way bloggers to do a rare "homework" essay. I asked them to read and then comment on this article:
“So you want to work at Google” by Anne Fisher
To me, “working at Google” is a metaphor. It's a metaphor for life and how you go about your business. It's a lesson we implicitly adopt at The Eagle Way. The article focuses on 4 important qualities of success and happiness:
  1. Passion for learning and growing 
  2. Passion for what you do 
  3. Creativity 
  4. Initiative
Here's a similar (wonderful) article by Dilbert creator Scott Adams:
“How to get a real education” by Scott Adams
The student essays in reply to my request appear below. I found them interesting and enlightening. I was also proud of the effort and energy that the students' put into their essays. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did!

Outside the Square
by Dejah W

What I think about the four elements Google looks for is that it is a great way of showing what they are mainly looking for. Now I think I would be able to do this job, but I am not too good with technology. I know the basics, but the hard stuff I don’t know. Out of the four qualities, I think I’m the strongest in creativity and initiative. I really think I am able to get ready for a task, take pride in it, and to be creative. Sometimes you have to be creative.

What I think I should improve in is the passion for technology. I am really not that into technology. It can get very complicated at a certain point. St. Ethelreda helps me improve at being creative. I really get the chance to think out of the box. Ms. Finn really has some creative projects. She is always coming up with something fun. To me, being creative is not thinking in a square. It’s about going outside that square.

I think we do emphasize these things at Eagle Way. We always have to be creative. We have to have the passion to do a story. It's like a rule. If you don’t have passion or take pride in your work, then why are you taking the time to do it? If you are not going to put your all in it, then don’t do it. Also, you have to be ready and have the ability to do whatever you have to do.

Last but not least you have to have the passion for your team. Mr. Bill even said in the email he sent to us about this assignment that “I think we do emphasize a lot at the Eagle Way” Mr. Bill I agree, we do.

Photo by Dejah W

Ain't Seen Nothing Yet
by Terrance R

No, I don’t see myself working at Google. To me, to be in Google is a gift to a really gifted person who can really work the computer like designing, organizing, uploading, publishing, etc. I am more of an outdoor physically-gifted person who likes basketball, football, baseball, science, etc. Google is a great place to work, but I don’t feel very suitable for the job.

I think The Eagle Way has what Google is looking for right now. We all have the passion for technology and the organization. Whenever one falls, we pick them back up. We all have creativity, NO QUESTION. Just look at the structure of our stories, the view of our pictures, the organization of the blog page, and the background chosen as a team. Of course, we all take the initiative. When we see a story, we go after it. If it’s something the people want to see, we get it for them. We all have a time where we need to step up to the plate and take a swing.

I feel the strongest in INITIATIVE. I always want to get the job done. I take leadership and responsibility for myself and even others. I lead The Eagle Way to do better. I take a stand; I show leadership; I get it done before the idea even comes up. When people look at me, they don’t see just another person, number, or student. They see a leader, and if they don’t, you bet they will very soon.

Now that’s what I have to say. These are my thoughts and opinions. So, if somebody doesn’t believe what I have said in this, then they’re wrong, and they haven’t seen nothing yet!!!!!!!!!!

Photo by Terrance R

Google It
by Brandice W

I think their 4 qualities are perfect; right on the spot. I think the people being hired should have the drive to work for the company. I wouldn’t want to work somewhere that I don’t love what I do. They should love their job, where they work, and feel open to be a leader and express their ideas. I think Google offers all of that and more. If I had to pick my dream job, it would probably be working for Google. They offer me everything I love to do.

I think my strongest quality out of the Google’s qualifications would be passion of technology, creativity, and initiative. If I love something enough, I would feel free to express my thoughts and ideas to improve the company. Once I have my mind set to something I have a passion for, there’s no stopping me! Things that I have a passion for get me thinking about new ways to improve at it.

I think if it was anything I need to improve in, it would be the passion for the company. I don’t know about everything Google has to offer and what other services it provides, but what I do know is that the service that I use from Google is great.

YES, I would definitely be interested in working at Google. I love computers and technology. I like to figure out technical problems. It makes me feel like my brain is actually working. Plus I already adore Google’s service, such as my search engine.

St. Ethelreda helps me improve in passion for technology and initiative. Once we got the computer lab, I started liking technology more and more. Using the internet, and Microsoft Word and Excel have really opened my eyes to new ways to use technology. Just using Google, I can find ways to use Excel to make line graphs, bar graphs, and charts. Google has also helped me learn tricks to using Microsoft Word. Sometimes in school, students don’t want to do something because it may not be interesting to them, or they just don’t feel like doing it, or maybe they just don’t understand. My teachers always tell me there is never a dumb idea. So I’ve learned to always ask questions and always give ideas thanks to St. Ethelreda.

Photo by Brandice W

Passion for Technology
by Khadijah J

I think I would be interested in working at Google mainly because you have to know a lot about publishing and editing things on the computer. I work with computers, electronics, and editing a lot, so I know a lot about the technical engineering world.

Google wants workers who love their job and like being there, so they show them respect and passion. The people working at Google have passion while working there, so they want to be able to have a good imagination and good creativity.

I personally feel strongest in passion for technology. I need to work on my creativity image. I think St.Ethelreda helps improve passion for the company because they want every child to love the school and have respect for it.

We emphasize the most on passion for technology and creativity because we work with computers and cameras which help us for our life if we work in the field for technology.

Photo by Khadijah J

Conclusion - No Secret Ingredient
by Bill "Mr. Bill" Krieger

To young students, the notion of success and creating something from nothing seems overwhelming, implausible. The message in both these articles is BELIEVE! Work hard. Start something: a club, a company, a group, whatever. Immerse yourself in what you enjoy doing and keep doing it over and over again. Not only is success within your grasp, but you'll have a great time in the doing as well.

If I may quote the famous philosopher, Kung Fu Panda:

“There is no secret ingredient.”

It's no secret. All you need to succeed is to believe in yourself.... work hard, grow, and enjoy every day!
peace... yow, bill

Senior, Dejah, Rodriguez, and Kh... The Eagle Way
Photo by Mr. Bill

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