Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Our First Edition

Edition 1.00 - Nov 3, 2009

Our first edition includes 3 articles:
  1. Welcome
  2. Interview with Principal Spells
  3. Selecting our Name
1. Welcome

Welcome to the premier edition of the St. Ethelreda student blog. The goal of our blog is to showcase the talents and ideas of the students and faculty of St. Ethelreda for all to see on the web.

We are still defining our blog. We don’t even have a name yet! But we’re working to fix that and grow this blog into a great resource for our school and the community.
Our team so far is:
  • Publishers – Ms. Finn, teacher & William K, webmaster
  • Sr. Editor – Symone J
  • Jr. Editor – Brandice W
  • Reporters – Terrence R, Aubrey S , Gianna G
Thank you for reading.

2. Interview with Principal Spells
by Symone J and Aubrey S

Principal Spells was interview by Symone J and Aubrey S on Wednesday Oct 28, 2009:

1. Are you from a family of educators?
“No. I am the only member on my mother and father side that went to college.”
2. What inspires you everyday when you get up to come to St. Ethelreda?
“The students, because they have great potential and are very intelligent.”
3. What do you enjoy about being here at St.Ethelreda?
“The seniority, honesty, staff, and the love from the students.”
4. What inspired you to be a principal?
“Well, at first I wanted to be a nun. Then I wanted to teach at catholic school .After that, I wanted to do more than just teaching. So I became assistant principal. Then I wanted to be a principal at my own school.”
5. How do you feel about being principal?
“It is a challenge. I have plan A and plan B and God always give me plan C.”
6. What made you become principal at catholic school?
“Well I attended a catholic grammar school and high school, and when I taught at public school I missed praying at school. She accepted an opportunity to teach at a catholic school.”
7. How do you feel about the webmaster program?
“I think it’s fantastic, because it gives the children the advantage to take over and show creativity.”
Principal Spells with Symone J and Aubrey S

3. Selecting Our Name

We haven't selected our name yet. We would like to get our school's input on making this choice.

We currently have two candidates:
  1. The Blue & Gold Word
  2. Eagle News
If you have an idea for the name of our blog, please leave a comment on our blog or you can email our Sr. Editor Symone at sr_editor@stethelreda.org.

In our next edition, we'll announce a school-wide vote to choose our name.


  1. Wow! The students are taking St. Ethelreda School to new heights with their creativity and the student blog! Congratulations and soar high, Eagles! Good job!

  2. Great interview Symone and Aubrey. I look forward to seeing more. (Terrance's mom, Mrs. Roberts)

  3. Teron's Mom Mrs RussellDecember 2, 2009 at 5:41 PM

    Well done students, this is the beginning of a career in Journalism. Continue to strive for excellence. I am proud to be a part of St. Ethelreda family.