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Edition 2 - Our Name Vote

Edition 2 - Nov 19, 2009

This edition includes 3 articles:
  1. Name Vote
  2. Interview with Coach Moore
  3. Reviews from the opera

1. Name Vote
by Symone J, Senior Editor

Hello St. Ethelreda students and staff. In this addition of our blog we are choosing a name for the blog. So far our choices are:
  • The Eagle Way
  • The Eagleville Word
If you have anymore suggestions, please leave a comment or email the senior editor at sr_editor@stethelreda.org, also if you would also like to vote, leave a comment and we will add it
to our list and eventually choose a name. Please be on the lookout for more name suggestions.

We will also be coming to your classrooms to vote on the names. We would love to have one of your own thoughts in our blog. We would also love to hear from our students on other ideas, but for now let’s stick to the names.

Remember, if you have any ideas about what we can add to the blog please email the senior editor at sr_editor@stethelreda.org.


2. Interview with Coach Moore
by Terrance R & Brandice W

This rather brief interview with Coach Moore was done on November 13, 2009. Coach Moore is a busy man and has little time to talk, so we tried to make the most out of his BRIEF statements. Coach Moore coaches at St. Elizabeth, St. Ethelreda and Ada Park. He is also a coach for tumbling, gymnastics, basketball, tackle football, softball, flag football and volleyball.

Terrance R: How do you expect the season to turn out?

Brandice W: What is your BIGGEST accomplishment with a sport or team?
"2007... k-2nd grade division basketball team championship."

Terrance R: What grade do you think will go the farthest?

Brandice W: What sport do you expect to succeed the most?
"Track because they will reap all the benefits of hard work. The runners are disciplined and they know when to focus."

Brandice W: What is your favorite sport and why?
"Football... it gives gratification... giving you the satisfaction of hitting someone physically... it releases tension and it requires strength."

Terrance R: What was the first sport you coached?

Brandice W: Why are you a coach?
"I LOVE KIDS...because I had excellent coaches and father figures when I was growing up. They showed me tremendous guidance. My coaches told me one thing is to give back to the kids. Once you start coaching, you get hooked. I've been coaching for 29 years. I get really emotional when I see 'my kids' graduate. I want to get kids off the street and get their heads together. My goal is to re-shape them to be something better."

A big thanks to Coach Moore for giving us 19 minutes of his time. Coach Moore is a man of his word, and as some people would say, he "LOVES THE KIDS." God bless you and have a nice day.

3. Review from the opera
by Aubrey S.

Recently, the 3rd through 8th grade went to Simeon Academy High School to see “The Elixir of Love” Opera. The opera took place in Italy during the 1800’s. It was about a young peasant named Nemorino that was in love with a wealthy young lady named Adina. There was also a sergeant named Belcore that wanted to marry Adina. She really didn’t like him but since he asked her to marry him she agreed although she was in love with Nemorino. Then Nemorino bought a love elixir from a quack doctor named Doctor Dulcamara that would make her fall in love with him. At the end ,the Adina married Nemorino,and they were very happy together.

The characters were:
  • Adina - a young wealthy lady/farmer
  • Nemorino – a poor, literate peasant who loves Adina
  • Belcore – a sergeant in charge of the local military
  • Doctor Dulcamara – a traveling salesman (or quack)
Here is what some teachers and students had to say about "The Elixir of Love"

The Reviews of “The Elixir of Love” Opera:
"The opera was educational and encouraging.”
- Sr.Bruno, 6th grade homeroom teacher
“The Elixir of Love was excellent! It gave students an experience of a professional opera performance”
- Ms.Finn ,7th grade homeroom teacher
“I enjoyed the opera it was funny and interesting”
- Symone J.,8th grade student

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