Thursday, February 18, 2010

Edition 6 - Eagle Cheer Explosion

Cheerleader Victory
by Brandice W.,photos by Teron R.
The cheerleading season for the Eagle Cheer Explosion has TAKIN' OFF!! The cheerleaders have come so far from what they used to be. The first competition for the Eagle Cheer Explosion was a HUGE step up from last year. We got third place out of six teams. Our previous competition at St. Rita was amazing. We also placed fourth out of nine teams.

The (ECE) cheerleaders have worked hard during the past four months. In fact, we're entering an ALL-STAR competition in March. ALL-STAR cheerleading is more skilled than school competitions, the stunts are more difficult, the dances are longer, and the uniforms have more sparkles.

Here are quotes from the Captain, Brandice, and Co-Captain, Lydia:

Captain: “I am proud to be the captain. I want to thank Coach Nash and Coach Murray for putting their time and effort into this team."

Co-Captain: “I’m excited to go to an ALL-STAR competition. I just hope my team is ready to blow the judges away!”

6th Grade Prayer
By Aubrey S.
In religion class, junior high students were asked to write a prayer for their class.

6th grade prayer

Lord, we thank you for allowing us to wake up this morning. Thank you for all that you have done and what you continue to do. We would like to pray that everyone who has been affected by the disaster in Haiti may find shelter, food and clothes. We pray for all those with financial difficulties that they may find comfort, and ease their struggling. Lord please protects us from any harm as we start our day at St.Ethelreda School. We thank you for protecting us from danger that has come our way and in the world. We pray that all forms of violence in the world come to the end.

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  1. The Eagle Way Blog is taking off! You are coming into your own..good for you! I would like to read stories about the younger students and the boys. What about our Honor Roll/Principal's List students, future freshmen, and other extracurricular activities? Let's get the word out about everyone and all the good things happening at our school before you graduate. You have to set the standard for those who will replace you when you leave St. E. Inspire them to soar higher than you!