Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Edition 7 - Basketball, Advice, and Nachos

"Killer Nachos"
photo by Teron R

Basketball All-stars
by Terrance R.

The 7th and 8th grade has been doing well this season. In fact, we won our All Star Game 64 to 39! The people who made the All Star Team were Kendall, Isaac, and myself, Terrance. Our full squad is Kendall, Isaac, Curtis, Alante, Kenneth, and Terrance.

If you want to check us out, come to our next game at St. Columbanus at 9:00 a.m. If you need additional information, contact Coach Moore or the teammates. I promise that you will be entertained if you come.

We practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the St. Ethelreda Harold Washington Assembly Hall and Saturdays at Ada Park. So please, take the time to watch us play.

Here are some comments from the team:

Kendall: “I think we will do well with the reliable and good teammates we have.”

Isaac: “I believe that we will get more wins. I can’t wait for the playoffs.”

Curtis: “Even though we have only six players, we still manage to win games and try our best.”

Alante: “ I like this team very much. They help each other out, they communicate during a game, they give you advice, and they always bring you up when you’re down.”

Kenneth: “ Even though I joined in the middle of the season, I still think we can beat many teams. I was shocked when I saw this team play. This team is tremendous.”

Terrance: “ I believe that this team can go far. I am really looking forward to the playoffs. With this squad, I expect to play well.”

GiGi Advice Column
by Gianna G.

Hey Eagle Way Viewers,

My first entry was a hit with the crowd, so the Eagle Way blog staff and I want this second entry to have even more supporters than the first one. This question that I’m going to present to you is a brain teaser, well not really {Ha-Ha}! So here is my second entry:
Dear GiGi,

I need your advice. What should I do about students who won’t complete assignments?

I have talked to them, called their parents, and had conferences. I have even emailed some of their parents. They might do their work for a week or two, and then they stop again. I have also kept them after school. Miss GiGi, I need your help. Do you have any other suggestions?

Thank you very much. I value your opinion.
Principal Spells
Dear Principal Spells,

All the answers you need are right here. I think that all the procedures you have gone through are great. If I were a principal I would go through the same procedures that you did. I think that you should start giving the teachers the “ok” to give the students the grades they deserve which will likely result in being a low grade because of the missing assignments.

Personally, as a student, I would really change my ways as the result of poor grades. Believe me; I have experienced receiving a poor grade because of missing assignments. Another suggestion is that you could inform the parents that the child has to remain at home until ALL the work is completed.

Advice Columnist


  1. I love the killer nachos... very creative!

  2. Principal SpellsMarch 4, 2010 at 9:07 PM

    Thank you for your advice. Some students have received low grades because of missing assignments. I am going to implement your suggestion of having students to remain home until all work, including the current assignments, are completed. This will go into effect after the parent has ben called, emailed and notes have been sent home for continuously not completing homework. It takes a village and this approach will reinforce that fact. Gigi, your advice is AWESOME!

  3. Thank you!!!!
    I try my best to give the BEST advice possible...

  4. Hello Gianna!
    I am glad to read your comments over Mrs. Spells' concern about homework issues, and I can tetify as your reading teacher that you are begining to learn from your misakes. That is a mark of a student who wants to improve and achieve in life.
    God bless you for your honest efforts.
    Sr. Bruno

  5. Thank You Sr.Bruno!
    I really appreciate it!!!
    Thanks to everyone for their support!
    Please send more questions in for me to answer to senior_editor@stethelreda.org