Monday, May 10, 2010

Edition 9: Interviews

6th Grader Interview
by Brandice W.

Interviewer: “What made you come up with the haiku?”

Angela W. “I walked outside and I saw a dandelion. Dandelions make me think about life and make me feel curious.”

Here is Angela W. haiku:

I grow in your grass
People say I am a weed
Blow me and seeds fly

Interview With Student Teacher
by Symone J., Teron R., and Aubrey S.

Recently we interviewed the student teacher Julie Banta. We asked her a few questions.

What have you learned so far about teacher here?

"I've learned how to teach reading and how to incorporate it with science."

Why do you enjoy being here?

"It is a positive environment. I also enjoy watching students learn. I think reading is really important"

Second Grade Poem
by Briana L.

I have seen the trees are green.
I also knew the sky is blue.
The leaves fall down upon the ground,
The water is light and very bright,
The flowers are beautiful, this is true.
And the plants are pretty too.

Lets Go Green
by Aubrey S.

"Earth Day" by Teron R.

Early Years are Learning Years At St.Ethelreda

Earth Day started on April 22, 1970. Earth Day helps people understand the extra use of electricity and water is not necessary. Some people join together and clean and plant flowers in their environment.

Kindergarten – 2nd grade and a few 8th graders cleaned around the school. They pick up trash, raked the grass, and planted flowers.

Spirit Day

Spirit Day

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