Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Edition 10: Final Chapter 2010

a) Poems and Stories
by William K. (aka Mr. Bill)

1st Grade Poems
The students in Sister Mary's 1st grade class wrote poems about nature for Earth Day. Four of the best of these poems were selected for publishing here in "The Eagle Way". Please click on the link below to read them:

The students enjoyed the assignment and said that writing their nature poems was "fun." Each of the first grade students created the poem themselves, working in class and at home. Then, each student typed their work in using the computers in the St Ethelreda computer lab.

Our 1st grade poets are pictured below:

1st Grade Poets: Briana L, Noadiyah J, Chanelle H, and teacher Sister Mary
Note: Poet Laila M. was not in school when pictures were taken. Sorry, Laila M!

6th Grade Stories
Sister Bruno's 6th grade class also submitted some substantial literary artwork to The Eagle Way. In this assignment, the students were directed to write stories related to a book called "Bud, Not Buddy" by Christopher Paul Curtis. This book deals with the difficult life of children in foster homes.

Sister Bruno was drawn to this book by its interesting title. In her class, each student read a chapter and then shared their reading with the other students. The students really "got into the story" and a writing assignment related to the book was born.

You can read four of the bests 6th grade stories by selecting the link below:

6th grade authors: Angela W. and Curtis H.
Note: Authors Deja W and Christopher B were not in school when pictures were taken. Sorry!

Author Curtis H. was motivated to "tell people how it is to be a true orphan." In dealing with the difficult issue of foster homes, the students' stories were often very serious. But Angela W was heartened that "things seemed to work out in the end."

Thanks to all the excellent contributors (authors, poets, and more) to The Eagle Way!

b) Photo Entry
by Brandice W.

I took this picture in my room.

"Trapped in the Dark" by Brandice W.

c) My Jokes
by Terrance R.

I wanted to give you guys some blog comedy for the last edition.

  • What has a head and a tail but no legs or arms? A coin.
  • What did Superman go to for fun? The Super Bowl.
  • What has a bottom on its top? Your leg.
  • What do little ghost babies have? Boo-ties
  • Why did the deer cross the road? I have no I-deer.
  • What did the skeleton order at the restaurant? Ribs.
  • Who is cheap? Abraham Lincoln.
  • What type of underwear do boxers wear. Boxers.
  • What is a snake’s favorite subject? Hiss-tory.
d) Gigi Advice Column
by Gianna G.

Hey Eagle Way viewers,

Here I am (GiGi) coming to you once again with a challenging question from a concerned principal. Just to let you guys know that I will not be returning as advice columnist because of me graduating next week. So on to the next one as we young people say. So, here is the last and final entry that I have:
Dear GiGi,

Help! What do you suggest?
What action should be taken for students who verbally bully other students?
-Principal Spells
Dear Principal Spells,

I think that students who verbally bully are very bad people because you should not judge someone on their size, what their wearing, or even what kind of hair style they have. It’s just wrong of them to do that. I think that when a student reports verbal bullying to the teacher, principal etc... The bully(s) should be confronted and given a detention for their behavior. Also their parents should be called so that they can be notified of their child’s behavior.

Advice Columnist GiGi

e) Comments from 8th Grade
by Aubrey S.

The year is coming to a close, and the 8th grade class will be leaving and going their separate ways. Most of the 8th grade class has been at St. Ethelreda since pre-school. I asked them what will they miss about St. Ethelreda School, and this is what they had to say.
“I will miss all the fun we had from preschool to 8th grade.” - Symone J.

“I will miss all my brothers and sisters that I made over the years.” - Angel B.

“I will miss the great learning experience” - Teron R.

“I will miss the great school environment and how everybody is close to each other and the strength of love from everyone.” - Kenneth C.
As for me, I will miss all the friends I've made and their kindness.

f) Reflection
by Symone J.

I have been at St. Ethelreda for 11 years. I have been here since preschool when I was 3 years old. Since then I have had many experiences. I have enjoyed my years here and hope everyone else has. I also enjoyed being senior editor of the blog. I will miss this school, friends, and teachers.

I am happy to graduate this year with the St. Ethelreda class of 2010.

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