Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Edition 2011, #4 - Bathrooms with pants

Bathroom, bathrooms, bathrooms
By Terrance R

Bathrooms, bathrooms, bathrooms!!! You have to keep them clean, both girls and boys. When people walk in, they may expect the bathrooms to not look so good. But if we all come together to keep it clean, they will know that we care about our school. Plus, you should keep it clean at all times by doing some of the following:
  • not wasting soap all on the ground,
  • not scraping the clean floor, and
  • putting all paper towels, tissue, and other trash in the garbage.
There are many more ways to keep the bathroom clean. If you care about your school, if you want to live a clean life, if you want to be known for your cleanliness, then join me, and together, we will keep our bathrooms clean.
I want each and everyone of you to think for a moment. Ask yourself this question, “ Do I want somebody to judge me on my cleanliness, or do I want somebody to acknowledge my character and say that he/she really cares about his/her surroundings.” I want everyone to join me in keeping our bathrooms clean, our surroundings clean, and, more importantly, our school clean.
This is Terrance R, and I'm encouraging you to stand up for St. Ethelreda School.

Girls With Pants 2
by Chanel B
I wanted to get Principal Spells' opinion on my Girls With Pants story.
Do you read the blog?
Yes, I read the student blog whenever there is a new posting. I have thought about putting this in the monthly newsletter to make the parents more aware of the student blog. This will give them the opportunity to read about the school from the students' point of view and also see their child's writing. They will also find out more of what's happening in school on a day-to-day basis as well. Then they can share this with co-workers, family and friends and get others interested in coming to St. Ethelreda School. What do you think about this idea?
Do you like the blog?
I absolutely enjoy reading the student blog. It gives me the opportunity to hear and to read what the students are thinking about our school. Reading stories and poems written by the younger students is enjoyable. I don't always see the good things going on in the classrooms all the time even though I try hard to visit each classroom every day. The blog helps to keep me aware of everything, especially the good that takes place in our school. It also highlights the great work that our students are accomplishing.
What do you think about girl wearing pants?
The school uniforms for the girls are a jumper/skirt with navy knee socks. On cold days, all girls are encouraged to wear pants under their skirt/jumper, navy tights or navy leggings under the uniform. On Tuesdays and Thursdays everyone wears jogging suits to school. I try hard to keep the building at a comfortable temperature so no one will be cold. With all of these options to keep your legs warm, I don't see us changing the uniform in the near future. If it is exceptionally cold in the building, I will quickly tell the girls to keep their pants on. In the meantime, wearing your skirts makes you carry yourselves in such a refined way and you are in uniform. Remember, girls, wear those tights or leggings (navy blue).

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  1. Terrance and Chanel,
    I enjoyed reading your stories. Thank you, Terrance, for encouraging the students to keep their environment clean. It was refreshing reading your point of view about school cleanliness and your suggestions of ways to do this. And Chanel, thank you for the interview and posting my comment about the pants story so that everyone can read it. The blog is off to a great start this year. I am extremely proud of all of you! Keep up the good work!