Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Edition 2011, #3- The last edition before Thanksgiving

The season that keeps on giving
by: Dejah W

Falling leaves bare trees
Raking leaves from the ground
Messing up the pile
Now it’s time to do it again


By: Chanel B

Our volleyball team had a good season. We won 3 games and lost 5 games, I think. The volleyball members were:
  • 8th graders: Brandice W, Courtney J, Virgina W, and Deja S
  • 7th graders: Chanel B and Jazmine W
  • 5th graders: Kaylin M, Ronena T, Kendyl M, and Therasa D
We moved on to the playoffs at St. Francis De Sales High School. We won the first game, but we lost our second game. The score was 8 to 25.

Volleyball was a lot of fun this year. We got to work with a lot of people. We would like to say a special thank you to Mrs. Spells and Coach Moore. Thanks to Mrs. Spells for letting us have volleyball and thanks to Coach Moore for coaching us. Thank you all so much.

We love to READ!
by: Brandice W

National Literacy Day happens every year on November 1st. This November 1st, St. Ethelreda observed National Literacy Day by reading stories, poems, and quotes (etc.) to our students, parents, and faculty. They read stories such as “O the Places You’ll Go”, “Pocket Poems”, “African Tales”, “Henry’s Freedom Box” and so much more.

Here is a quote from a teacher who attended St. Ethelreda’s national literacy night.
“I enjoyed it. I thought it was a great sight to see the parents reading to the students instead of the teachers reading to the students. It showed me how much the parents really care.”
- Mrs. L Pass
I attended literacy night as well. I had fun even though I came late. They had fun games to play on the wall, including hangman and a word unscramble game.

So if you love to read and show your support for a great school,
next year come on up to St. Ethelreda
and read a book to “tomorrow’s leaders”.

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