Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Edition 2011, #8 - 7th grade science

By Rayan B

Last week, Ms. Finn, the science teacher, and the 7th grade class did a project on “Electric Circuits.” The awesome idea of this project was to try and see if you could light up a light bulb with a wire and battery. Many of the projects succeeded and many of them did not. But no worries it was still an outstanding project.

I asked two of the students what they thought about the project and what they have learned... here is what they said.

Chanel B: “This project is great, it has taught me how to light a bulb using a wire and battery.”

Curtis H: “This project is very interesting. It has taught me that there are two different circuits. One of them are complete circuits, which is where all the wires are connected. The second is an incomplete circuit, which is where one wire is disconnected.”

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  1. Awesome job seventh graders! What a wonderful lesson. Science is so interesting and challenging. We are lucky to have Miss Finn to help us better understand all the wonders of science.

    Mrs. Rex