Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Edition 2011, #9- First grade Bible stories

First grade Bible stories
By Mr. Bill

Last week, Sister Mary and her first grade class hosted parents and students for a Bible stories performance. The stories were done as a part of Catholic Schools Week at St. Ethelreda School. Each 1st grader got up in front of the audience and told a Bible story.

Sister Mary was very happy with the participation as "more than 15 parents were here." The students enjoyed the performance as well.

Here is each student and the story that he or she performed:
  • Damien - Jonah
  • Jeremiah - Noah
  • Kelli - Jesus in the marketplace
  • Jordan - God also loved the world
  • Davon - Joseph
  • Mikayla - Adam & Eve
  • Sirr - The blind man
  • Christopher - Jonah & the whale
  • Doria - Love your neighbors
  • Eriana - 10 girls
  • Datiara - The lost sheep
  • Terrance - David & Goliath
  • Imonie - Jesus & the wise man
  • Alexya - The tax collector
  • Joslyn - God made everything
I asked the 1st grade students whether 1st grade was the best class in all of St. Ethelreda School. They all replied, "Yes!" These students are a fun and enthusiastic group.

The 1st Grade photo set is at:

Thanks to Sister Mary and the 1st graders for this fine story.

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