Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Edition 2011, #14 - Vocabulary Challenge

Sixth Grade Vocabulary Challenge
By: Brandice W.

When the sixth graders aren’t taking a test, eating lunch, or switching classes, they’re normally doing something in vocabulary. Vocabulary seems to improve a child’s speech. The more they use the word and see the word, the more familiar the word is to them.

We asked Sr. Bruno why every time we walk in the classroom the sixth graders are always doing vocabulary? This is how she responded:
“Vocabulary is very important. Because when you build up your vocabulary, you can improve your speech. If you want to study a specific subject in school, knowing how to spell a word, how to say it, and what it means helps you. Using new vocabulary words helps you express yourself more. You can use different adjectives instead of the general sad, mad, happy, or upset.”
- Sr. Bruno
We asked the sixth graders if they could use five vocabulary words in a sentence correctly. We call it the Challenge:
  • Kayla S: "This hypocrite is so disinterested that she will manipulate the serene assailant."
  • Kinta J: "Zachary is a martial, jovial, crotchety, pathetic, and gullible person."
Thank you to Sister Bruno and the whole 6th grade class. It was very captivating.

By: Rayan B

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