Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Edition 2011, #13 - Dr. Seuss and the Kindergarteners

Dr. Seuss and the Kindergartners
by Terrance R

On March 15, the kindergartners spent Dr. Seuss Day doing a lot of creative and fun activities. They watched a movie called “Sneetchers” which was about a group that wouldn’t accept another group because they didn’t have a blue star on their stomachs.

They also made booklets about Dr. Seuss. I was able to look at one titled “Green Eggs and Ham.” The student made a booklet with rhyming words describing the actual story. The theme of the booklet was, “If you try it, you might like it.” They also colored some Dr. Seuss coloring sheets. All of the coloring sheets looked so creative and colorful.

The class had a “Mark Your Vote” board outside their room where all students could use stickers to vote for their favorite Dr. Seuss story. I think “Green Eggs and Ham” won. From my experience with the kindergartners, I can tell that they had a lot of fun that day. Dr. Seuss shall never be FORGOTTEN!!!

I notice the Dr. Seuss spirit in Ms. Boatman and Ms. Griffin. Ms. Boatman was a Cat in the Hat, and Ms. Griffin was Thing 1. Their costumes and joy really caught their students and everyone else's attention. They spread the Dr. Seuss spirit to the whole school. Even the kindergartners wore a Dr. Seuss hat to express their passion for Dr. Seuss.

It was exciting for me to write this story. The creativity from the students and teachers really got my attention. Who knew such young students had limitless creativity inside of them. I expect more stories to come from Kindergarten. They make a great addition to St. Ethelreda School.

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