Thursday, October 27, 2011

Edition 2012, #1 Mrs. Johnson and Book Fair

By Chanel B & Dejah W

We are having a Book Fair on Nov 1, 2, 3,  & 4th.  On Tues, Wed, & Thu, the Book Fair will be open during school hours (8:30-3:00). On Friday, it will be open during Report Card Pickup/Parent Conferences. On Friday, we will have free books and used books along with the new book fair books.

I interviewed Mrs. Johnson, the library teacher, and she sat down and answered some questions for me about the Book Fair. Here are the questions she answered.
Q:  What is the best part of doing the book fair?
A: The best part of the book fair is getting new books for the library.

Q: Do you think children would buy a series of books?
A: Yes, because we will be giving out a series of books.

Q: How long do you think children or adults should read?
A: People should read every day for an hour.

Q: What grade levels books are you going to have?
A: Every grade level from K-8 and adult books.

Q: What do you think children will get out of reading books?
A: It will help them with spelling, test scores, reading skills and writing skills.

Q: What will inspire children to read?
A: Seeing the latest books and new things.

Q: What are your recommendations?
A: Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Ugly Animals, Bad Kitty Meets the Baby, and Super Diaper Baby.

Q: Which books will be the most popular?
A:  The Dude Diary and the Girl Diary.

Q: How long is the book fair?
A: November 1st – 4th

Q: What are your goals for the book fair?
A: To add books to the library so students can get new books.

Q: Are you doing a raffle?
A: Yes, it’s going to be called “Books of your choice.”  The raffle will be 25 cents per student. The students' will enter their name and the book they want. We will have at least 5 winners.

Q: Will there be any deals?
A: Yes. We will be giving out free books and coloring books. We will be selling used books as well.
Thank you Mrs. Johnson. We hope to see everyone at the Book Fair.

"Row of books" by Dejah W


  1. The Book Fair is a GREAT way to get the children interested in new books!!

  2. I am an avid reader! I look forward to the book fair to purchase at least one new children's book and one new adult book. The problem is, there are so many good books to choose from which means there are decisions to make. Thank you, Mrs. Johnson, for running the book fair and for keeping us interested in reading.