Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Edition 2012, #2 Christmas Photo Contest!


The Eagle Way
Christmas Photo Contest!

Here are the rules:
  • Eligible - only St. Ethelreda students grade 6, 7, & 8 can participate
  • Judging - our criteria will be originality, creativity, a Christmas theme, and usage of Ashley's Top 10 rules as your guide. The judges will be The Eagle Way staff and our celebrity judge, Sister Caroline.
  • Due - Monday December 19, 2011
  • Prize - One winner will be selected. The winner's photo will be posted here at The Eagle Way (fame), and he/she will receive a deluxe prize package (fortune).
  • Bonus prize - The homeroom class of the winner will receive $50 of school supplies!
  • Notes - When you email your photo, please include your name, grade, and a description of why you liked your photo. Also, please comment on which of Ashley's Top 10 rules you used in taking your photo. Any student may submit up to 3 photos. Please email them in separately. All photos must be new and the original work of the student.
Good luck to everyone!

Ashley's Top 10 Photo Tips
Ashley Macknica is a friend of The Eagle Way and a professional photographer in New York City.
Her website is:

Here are Ashley's top 10 helpful tips for taking great photographs:
  1. See it in your head - look at a situation and start to see where the best photo could be
  2. Move around - a step to the left, climbing on a chair, or lying on the ground can make for a better shot
  3. Stop to compose - it is easier to take a non-crooked photo the first time than to fix it later
  4. Be bossy - human subjects may need to be told what to do
  5. Notice the background - and change it if you don't like it
  6. Turn off the flash - see what happens when you shoot in a room with fluorescent lights, a lamp, or just natural window light
  7. Take the wheel - try turning off the "Auto" setting; cameras have lots of different modes which give you more control
  8. Get insider access - ask for a seat up front or some extra time to take photos
  9. Save your "outtakes" - wait until later to delete them, sometimes you will find good shots you might have deleted
  10.  Take your camera - take it with you everywhere and shoot as much as possible

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