Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Edition 2012 #5 - 100 Days of Kindergarten

by Dejah W

It has been 100 days of school already, can you believe it. Wow. The kindergarteners, Mrs. Boatman, and Mrs. Griffin had a party celebrating 100 days of school. When I walked into the classroom they screamed 100 days of school. All the boys and girls had on their adorable 100 day hat and glasses. They were so excited. They were really having a lot of fun.

Mrs. Griffin gave Trechelle a very special 100 award (below). Trechelle was at class each day for the first 100 days of school. Way to go, Trechelle!

I went around the classroom and I got a lot of different answers from the kids. Here is some of the response I got:

What have you learned in 100 days?
Kyra F: I learned how to tie my shoes.
Laniya W:  I learned my words, ABCs, and my numbers.

Zariah J: I learned how to count by tens.

Miracle S: I learned my words, numbers, and to count by five.

Why are you are 100 days smarter?
Brooklynn C: I am a hundred days smarter because I am good.

Tony D: I am a hundred days smarter because I do my work.

Eric F: I am a hundred days smarter because I do my homework.

I asked Mrs. Griffin: What is your best memory out of the 100 days we’ve been in school?
Mrs. Griffin: My best memory was the first day I saw the kids try to read on their own.

Big thanks to Mrs. Griffin, Mrs. Boatman, and especially the Kindergartens. I really enjoyed spending time with you guys.

Photos by Mr. Bill and Chanel B

You can see our entire Kindergarten photo set here:

100 days of of Kindergarten photo set


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  1. Great Job Dejah and thank you Mrs. Griffin and Boatman.