Thursday, February 2, 2012

Edition 2012 #4 - 4th Grade Spelling Bee

by Chanel B

The 4th graders did a spelling bee using their vocabulary words from Unit 3. Mr. Cooper and I really enjoyed doing the spelling bee because it helped the students understand different ways to explain a word.

Splitting up into groups

First rule: There is absolutely no talking!!!!

Here are the spelling bee groups:
  • Group 1- Antonie J, Christian H, Trey D, Zachary B, Marquise C, and Alonzo V 
  • Group 2 - Heavyn B, Bryan H, Kintrell J, Aeriell W, and Demaija E 
  • Group 3 - D’shanti B, Elijah W, D’shayah C, Pauline W, and De’Janae B 
  • Group 4 - Marquail S, Kenya W, Marquis D, and Donald N
Mr. Cooper interview

Q: Do you think it was a challenge? Why?

A: Obviously, my students were embarrassed by the lack of participation within their group. I’ll bet next time they will be prepared.

Q: Was this a great chance to see if the students studied or not?

A: Absolutely. I could have easily told you those who studied their list.

Q: How did you like the spelling bee?

A: I thought it went smoothly for being the first time. The way you used all four skills was very neat.

Q: Would you like them to do the spelling bee again?

A: Yep! We’ll let you know when unit 4 begins!


1st - Group 4

2nd - Group 1

3rd - group 2

4th - Group 3

A special thank you to Mr.Cooper and 4th Grade for letting me use your time!

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