Monday, March 12, 2012

Edition 2012 #7 - 1st Grade Learning Centers

by William K.

Below is a picture of Sister Mary and her first grade class.
This is a wonderful, fun group of young students!

On many school days, Sister Mary organizes Learning Center times for her class. This is something new this year for 1st grade. The Learning Centers are educational, and the kids love them. Here's a clever example... math fishing:

Most learning centers support focused activities for 3-4 students. Examples are:
  • The Math Fish (above) - Students fish out a math problem from the table and then solve it.
  • SuperKids reading - Students read stories on the computer, and the SuperKids website tracks their progress.
  • Microscope - Students look at magnified versions of bugs and sticks and, well, everything.
  • Book reading - Students read from their favorite books.
  • Shapes building - Student build designs or structures using foam/plastic shapes.
  • And more! Including: Word search puzzles, Magnet games, puzzles, and rubber band shapes.

Here's an accomplished SuperKids reader:

This is Sister Mary's 5th year teaching 1st grade at St. Ethelreda. She does a wonderful job and her students love her.

Thank you to our first grade student and to Sister Mary for the wonderful story and visit! We learned a lot.

There are many more fun photos of 1st grade students at work in the complete photo set from our Eagle Way visit:

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