Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Edition 2012 #8 - 7th Grade Egg Drop

by Chanel B.

The 7th grade class did their Egg Drop experiment on March 30, 2012. The 7th graders built a capsule that will protect a raw egg from breaking upon impact. The fun part of the drop was that you cannot use anything with cardboard or anything remade. I think this will be a successful project for 7th grade because this will help them learn how to create and build new things.

Questions on first and second place winners

Question - What did you like about the Egg Drop?
Melinda and Doris- We liked that we were able to work together and no arguing. We had a lot of materials,creative,and fun.
Aman, Tyre, and Le Wayne- We had a fun experience and working with each others.

Question - how would this help you in life?
Melinda and Doris- This will help us by working as a team and understanding other opinions.

Aman, Tyre, and Le Wayne- This will help us because we will know what materials and structure to use next time.

I send a special "Thank You!" to the 7th Grade Class and Ms. Finn for letting me spend time with them. Thank You so much!


  1. I witnessed the egg drop and had fun trying to determine if the egg would crack while watching the capsules fall. Excitement was in the air as each group checked the egg after the capsule landed. The students' facial expressions were priceless. I was impressed that they could explain what they would do if given the opportunity to build another capsule. Great job, 7th graders and Ms. Finn!

  2. That was excellent experiment for the class Ms Finn.
    Good Article Chanel Mrs. Pass