Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Edition 2012 #13 - Eagle Way Art Contest Winners!

by William K, Chanel B, and Dejah W

We had many outstanding entries for our contest this year. Thanks to everyone at St Ethelreda who participated. The judging was very difficult. Our judges this year were the Eagle Way staff (Mr. Bill, Chanel B, Dejah W) and two celebrity guest judges: Sister Caroline and Ty K.

Our winners are listed below in grade order. You can click on any picture to get a larger, better view. Let's start with the youngest first. Enjoy!

Kindergarten winner: This is a wonderful picture to start off the contest.
"Sunny day under a tree" by Trechelle W

1st grade winners: We had two winners from 1st grade!
"Colored flowers" by Kiriana W

"Colored flowers" by Dia F

2nd grade winner: This large painting was one of our very best entries!
"Bowl of fruit" by William W

Grade 3 winner: This is our most inspirational entry. Click on the picture to read the poem.
"The Lord My God" by Noadiah J

Grade 4 winners: We had two winners from 4th grade. Each is combination drawing and prose.
"Basketball. Basketball" by Elijah W
"Ti Kwan Do" by Antoine

5th grade winner: The judges liked the minimalist nature and composition of this trace. And the haunting missing face, hands and feet!
"Gost girl" by Javon G

6th grade winner: This is a colorful version of youtube sensation, The Annoying Orange.
"Annoyingly Funny" by Sparkle W

7th grade winner: This is a heart-warming pencil sketch.
"Mommy & Me" by Melinda G and Doris C

You can see pictures of all the winners receiving their prizes at our flickr photo set:
Thank you to everyone who participated. We'll see you next year!


  1. Good Job Too All Those Who Won And To All Those Who Didn't. I'm Sure It Was A Taught Decision On The Winners.

  2. Very good loved all the drawings especially javon's and elijah's very excellent drawings keep up the good drawings