Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Edition 2012 #12 - The 2nd Annual Eagle Way Art Contest

Fame. Fortune. Artwork!

Yes, it's the...

2nd Annual St. Ethelreda
Eagle Way Art Contest

Last year's artwork was really great. Remember?
1st Annual Eagle Way Art Contest Results
Here are the contest rules for this year:
  • Who - The Eagle Way Art Contest is open to any St Ethelreda student from kindergarten to 8th grade.
  • What is art? - You can submit any form of artwork you like: photo, video, short story, painting, haiku, drawing, sculpture, poem, etc.
  • Theme - The theme this year is LOL. Submit your artwork on people, places, or things that make you laugh, smile or feel good.
  • Winning - A winner will be chosen from each class. Winners will receive a prize package worth many many $$$. Also, the winner's artwork will appear here on The Eagle Way!
  • Judges - All entries will be judged by The Eagle Way staff and other (yet to be determined) celebrity judges. Entries will be judged on how they follow the theme, creativity, originality and quality.
Good luck to all!
yow, bill

PS - Here's an example of my own. I like trees. I like honor's students. I like honor's students pretending to be trees.

"Honor's students as trees"

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