Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Eagle Way Upgrade: 2011

by Brandice W, Sr. Editor

The EAGLE WAY team now has new members.
Along with old members me (Brandice W) and Terrance R, our new members are:
  • Rayan B
  • Asia W
  • Dejah W
  • Chanel B
  • Gregory T
Photo "Mad Bird" by Terrance R

The EAGLE WAY is a growing family, and we are both honored and please that you decided to be a part of it, our readers. We hope that the Eagle Way team will grow and improve over the school year.

Kids who are looking for respectful school that offers a great education, great teachers, and great environment for learning, then you should come to St. Ethelreda. This school offers everything you’re looking for in a school. We show our strong belief in faith, our determination to learn, and we firmly believe that it takes a village to raise a child.

St Ethelreda's Kindness
by Rayan B
Something about St. Ethelreda gives me the chills. The love and care from both students and teachers is like no other. Everyone in this school is filled with a joyful spirit, friendships are everywhere, even if kids are brawling with one another. They either talk about it with the teacher or leave it outside of the school. The teachers are always there no matter what. Even in a family issue, they always listen.

I will kind of miss St. Ethelreda when I leave because I will be so used to all the care and love the teachers and students shared.

Photo by: Mr. Bill

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