Thursday, November 4, 2010

Edition 2011, #2 - St Eth Suggestions

Pants vs. Skirts
by Chanel B and Asia W

We would like to change the uniform for the winter to let girls wear navy blue pants and our yellow shirt and vest. Why? Because it is cold in the winter and on Tuesdays and Thursdays, there is too much we girls have to put on under our uniforms.

The girls in junior high should have a choice whether to wear a skirt or a pair of pants(dark blue). It gets cold during the fall and the winter and the skirts are too short to cover the bottom half of your leg. When it's cold inside the building, most of the girls complain about wearing skirts both indoors and outdoors.

The pros and cons of St. Ethelreda
by Dejah W and Gregory T

Pro St. Ethelreda:
St. Ethelreda School is a very safe environment. What I love about this school is that someone is always there for you. The teachers and staff and principal truly care about the students. It is always something new that I learn every day. I appreciate my parents for sending me to this school. There are no cons to this school. There are only pros, and that is why I love this school.

One St. Ethelreda con:
I want to make some suggestions, like hallway patrol. The reason I want to enforce hallway patrol is because students always run, and they can get hurt. We can teach students a lesson by not running in the hallway, and if they run the will get a citation. When teachers are not in the hallway, students are always up to no good. So hallway patrol should be able to give them a citation for inappropriate conduct. I really think we should enforce this suggestion because it would stop a lot of commotion.

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  1. i agree with Chanel and Asia wit the " Pants vs Skirts" because i was in that position. That would be a good thing for the future students that comes to the school. i wish that i could have thought of that when i was on the student blog.Good thinking and good luck ....