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Edition 2011, #10 - 8th Grade Questionnaire

8th Grade Questionnaire
by Asia W and Mr. Bill

The 8th graders are our student leaders at St. Ethelreda School. So, we at The Eagle Way were interested in getting the opinions of our 8th graders on a variety of subjects. So, after the long Terranova test, we crafted a questionnaire and asked the 8th to take one more test.

You can see the full questionnaire here: 8th Grade questionnaire.
The 8th graders completed our questionnaire on Tuesday Mar 8, 2011, and results of the questionnaire are given below.

We wish to thank Mrs. Pass and the 8th grade students for the help and cooperation. We took a number of fun photos during and after the test that you can find here: 8th Grade Questionnaire photo set


St. Ethelreda School - 8th Grade

8th Grade Questionnaire Results
The results of the questionnaire taken by 15 8th graders on Tuesday Mar 8, 2011.

Q1: In 25 years, which of these technology companies will be the most important?
Apple, Facebook, Google, IBM, Myspace, Twitter

Top 3 results:
  • Twitter - 6 votes
  • Facebook - 4
  • Apple - 3

Q2: In 25 years, which of these breakthroughs will happen first?
Man land on Jupiter, Computers smarter than humans, New energy source to replace fossil fuels, Cure for cancer, None of these will happen

Top 2 results:
  • Cure cancer - 7 votes
  • Computers smarter - 6

Q3: What is your favorite movie?

Results: Only 1 movie got more than 1 response, "Big Mama's House 3", with 2 students choosing it as their favorite.
Other movie favorites included: Friday, Titanic, I Robot, Medea goes to jail, Twilight movies, Race to Witch Mountain, Kiki's Delivery Service, I Am Number 4, John Tucker Must Die, Love and Basketball, Scary Movie 2, Coraline.


Q4: What is your favorite TV show?

Top 3 results:
  • Shake It Up - 2 votes
  • The Game - 2
  • Bad Girls Club - 2

Q5: What is your favorite book?

Top 2 results:
  • Twilight series - 3 votes
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid - 2
Other books included: School of Fear, Impulse,The Wise Old Man, Matilda, Ghost Huntress, The Giver, The Ghost in Tokaido Inn, The Outsiders, Dead is a State of Mind, Blue Ford High series.


Q6: Who is your favorite musician?

Top result was Chris Brown with 3 votes. Other musicians receiving votes were: Mindless Behavior, Justin Beiber, Michael Jackson, Nicki Minaj, Beethoven, Trey Songz, Lil Wayne, Blink 182, Pink.


Q7: Who is your favorite athlete?

Top 3 results:
  • D-Rose - 6
  • LeBron - 3
  • "Me" - 2

Q8: Who in 8th grade is most likely to be rich and famous?

Top 2 results:
  • Terrance - 4
  • Anthony - 2

Q9: Who in 8th grade is most likely to be the President of the United States?

Top 3 results:
  • Robert G - 8
  • Kierra - 3
  • Virginia W - 2

Q10: Who in 8th grade is most likely to return to St. Ethelreda and teach?

Top 3 results:
  • Rayan B - 7
  • Deja - 3
  • Brandice - 2
  • Virginia - 2

Q11: What is your favorite Chicago sports team?

Top 3 results:
  • Bulls - 9 votes
  • Don't care about sports - 3
  • Bears - 2


Q12: After school, how do you usually communicate with your friends?
Email, Facebook/myspace, In person, Talk on the phone, Text message

Top 2 results:

  • Text message - 12 votes
  • Facebook - 2

Q13: Who is your favorite famous role model?

Top 2 results:
  • Tyra Banks - 3 votes
  • Oprah - 2
Other votes were for: Raven Symone, Lauren London, Chris Brown, Keri Hilson, Michael Jordan, Hayao Miyazaki, Malcolm X, LeBron James, Rajan Rondo, Monica Parales


Q14: Who is your favorite personal role model?

Top 2 results:
  • Mom - 10 votes
  • Brother - 2

Q15: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Top 2 results:
  • Entertainer - 3 votes
  • Doctor - 2
  • NBA/NFL player - 2
Other answers included: model, teacher, novelist or comic book artist, cosmetologist, tech person, journalist, author, art director, dentist

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  1. Good job Mr. Bill and the 8th graders. However from the result of each question, it seems either some votes were missing or some of the class members did not cast their votes because if you add the number of votes casted in each question, none is up to 15. Nevertheless, it is a good job. Bravo!