Friday, March 11, 2011

Edition 2011, #11 - 3rd Grade and Flat Stanley

Flat Stanley
by Dejah W and Chanel B

"Flat Stanley" is a book written by Jeff Brown. It's about a boy that is flat because a bulletin board fell on him while he was in bed.

3rd grade and Mrs. Leonard came up with a brilliant project idea to send out their own Flat Stanley's all over the world. This project started in the beginning of October 2010. The students followed the adventures of their Flat Stanleys and their travels.

3rd grade students sent out 22 Flat Stanleys with each student’s picture. They decorated and colored each to make it their own. Flat Stanleys were sent to over 15 states in the United States. They also went to 3 countries: Canada, Australia, and England.

Each Flat Stanley went out with a letter asking their friends to let him learn about their community. They sent all of them out and got 18 back.

Here is a recap of where some of the letters went:
  • In a helicopter above Oklahoma
  • To Ohio state to see the Buckeyes football game
  • To Minnesota to visit a university
  • To Niceville, Florida air force space went in a fighter plane
  • To a local McDonalds
  • To the White House
The kids were so excited about some of the really cool things they got back:
  • Donald and Trey: "Our Flat Stanley went to the White House. We got a picture of the White House dog."
  • Kentrall: "Mine went to Ohio State. I got a jacket, CD, magazines, and photos of the campus."
And Mrs. Leonard said, "Flat Stanley was a great opportunity for our students to interact with people all over the world. We enjoyed reading all about each adventure and the pictures and souvenirs that were sent back to us. It will be a project that we all remember!"

Wow, sounds like Flat Stanley had a lot of fun and even made new friends. I wonder what it would be like to become flat.

3rd Grade and Flat Stanley (photo set)


  1. Great story, Asia and Chanel! I saw some of the cool souvenirs the students received,also. This was a great Geography lesson for the students. Mrs. Leonard, you deserve congrats for this project. There is also a press release in the Bulletin Newspaper about St. Ethelreda and Flat Stanley by Mrs. Waits. Way to go third grade!

  2. I apologize, Deja. My post should have said, "Great story, Deja and Chanel"! Please forgice me.