Friday, March 18, 2011

Edition 2011, #12 - Can you spell "celery"?

2nd Grade Spelling Bee

by Chanel B and Mr. Bill

The 2nd graders had a spelling bee on Friday, March 18, 2011. They had outstanding and challenging words to spell. There were nine spellers and within 4 minutes there were only four. Sr. Sheena and Mrs. Davis have taught those little ones some very complex words. When I listened to those 2nd graders spell I said “Wow these children can spell. They must have studied and studied all day long until they got tired”.

I talked to some of the students and here are their feelings:
  • Linda H – "I like spelling bees and I am very into them."
  • Kendall W – "I wanted to be in the spelling bee, but I didn’t make it."
  • Nekira W - "I like vocabulary."
  • Briana L - "The spelling bee was fun, and I liked the challenging words."
  • Mrs. Davis – "It was awesome. They had challenging words, and they were successful."
  • Sr. Sheena - "I wanted them to have a spelling bee because they are very good spellers and one day they will be in a real spelling bee."
  • Noadiyah J – "When I started out I was not good at spelling, but through studying, studying, studying I got good, and I always wanted to be a speller."
Celery was the final and winning word. Congrats to Noadiyah J on winning the 2nd grade spelling bee.

Thank you to Sr. Sheena, Mrs. Davis, and the whole 2nd grade class for your outstanding job.

The entire photo set of the 2nd grade spelling bee is available here:

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