Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Edition 2012, #3 - Our Christmas Gallery

Well, our photo contest didn't go as well as we had planned or hoped. Next year!

Until then, here are three Christmas photos from The Eagle Way staff. Enjoy!

1. Chanel B
Well. My friend was supposed to be putting up her own tree, but she wasn't sure how. So, I took over.

I like this picture because I decorated the tree, and I like the mirror reflection in the blinds.

"My Friend's Fantastic Christmas Tree" 

2. Dejah W
This is my most important ornament. It's a snowflake on my Christmas tree.

I like the blue wall in the back. It looks different, frozen.

"Frozen Snowflake"

3. Mr. Bill
This is a light on a strand of lights on my staircase. It's a closeup. Duh.

I like this photograph because of the twisting wires that are in the background. I also really like the reflection of the light in the wood behind it. And... it's square!

"Light on a stairway"
Merry Christmas!

See you in 2012.

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