Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Edition 2012 #9 - 2nd Grade Trivia Test

by Dejah W

Sister Sheena and the second grade held a trivia contest. Their questions were mostly about math. It was definitely an exciting competition. It was amazing to see the quickness and eagerness of the kids. They work very well as a team. The second graders are so smart and ready for third grade.

Sister Sheena's 2nd grade class

Being in the classroom and seeing the excitement in the kids made me want to get in the circle and answer questions too. In the end the girls won, of course. Girls rule!

I asked Sr. Sheena about her competition. She said, "I do the trivia to increase their knowledge. By doing this they become better on their subjects. Besides they were so excited to do this."

I would like to give a big thanks to second grade and Sr. Sheena . You guys are awesome.


  1. Second grade rocks! You are a very smart class! Keep up the good work and get ready for third grade! Thanks to Sr. Sheena for all her hard work.

    1. Good job Dejah .Mrs.Pass

  2. I have a brother in this class and I like the article <3