Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Edition 2012 #10 - 3rd Grade Interview

by Chanel B

Mrs. Leonard Interview

Q; How was the experience with having Sister Theresa here with you?
A: Working with Sister Theresa has been a great experience. She has passion and love for children that makes learning exciting.

Q: What new thing did you learn from working with Sister Theresa?
A: She introduced me to a book about teaching that I have read front-to-back that would be useful to my classroom. She has also inspired me to reflect about my catholic faith.

Q: How did your 3rd graders adapt to having Sister Theresa as their teacher for 1 month?
A: Third graders are awesome kids. Whenever we have guests in our classroom they always welcome them. Our students have grown attached to her in a short time and will miss her!

Q:What was your reaction when you saw Sister Theresa?
A: I  wanted to learn about why she wanted to become a teacher and how I could help her. I am always excited when people have a calling for teaching. I felt very privileged to be chosen  as her co-teacher. She has been a great asset to the classroom.

Sister Theresa Interview

Q: How long were you here teaching at St.Ethelreda?
A: I have been teaching here for 1 month.

Q: If you had to come back to St.Ehelreda would you and why?
A: I would like to come back to St.Ethelreda because I like helping the students excel in their learning and the principal, staff, and students are very welcoming and friendly.

Q: What were your reactions when you walked into 3rd grade room?
A: A positive reaction. The students were friendly too.

Some Question from the Students

Q: How did you all react to Sister Theresa teaching in religion?
Noadiyah J: I was happy because she explained it in a nice way so I reacted very claimly.
Ryan R: I felt happy to learn more about God.
Arion R-I felt happy because I never have read to her before.
Juquentin T- Happy cause I was kind of lost sometimes when I dont understand Mrs.Leonard help.

A special Thank You to Mrs. Leonard, Sister Theresa, and 3rd grade for letting me use their time on the interview. Thank You so much!!!!!!!!

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