Friday, May 4, 2012

Edition 2012 #11 - 6th Grade Debate

by William K.

The Eagle Way visited 6th grade as they were debating global warming.

Sister Bruno's lessons is in this exercise: critical thinking and public speaking.

Students on either side of the room contributed their comments to the debate. As I prepared to leave, the next group of students began to debate solutions to gang violence.

We decided to something a little different than the usual class picture. Here is Sister Bruno and her 6th Grade class... in stick figure form. Each student drew him or herself as a stick figure. Ha! Click on the picture to make it full-sized so you can see all the individual drawings and names.

Thank you to Sister Bruno and 6th Grade. It was a wonderful debate... educational and a lot of fun!

PS - All the photos from our visit are available here:

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